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S2T builds Cyber Intelligence solutions based on real-world operational experience blended with deep technological expertise.

Real-world operational experience helps our people see the world from a different perspective than pure technologists or software developers. It drives our people to identify practical tools and capabilities that can help operational users in the real world, in realistic time frames and with realistic amount of resources. Our team brings to the table immense real-world operational experience spanning decades, across five continents.

Flatten the Curve.

With covid-19 rapidly spreading around the world, S2T FUSION System can target trace efficiently Covid-19 carriers, locate the viruses path and notify suspected new sick cases.

S2T COVID Tracker Demo

Crowd detection demo, using one of the sensors of the S2T COVID tracker solution. In this demo we show how gatherings of a certain size (E.g. 10 people or more) can be detected.


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