Identifying Overcrowding with Virtual SIGINT

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We use mobile app data to identify users and their location over time, to identify cases of many people congregating at a location. This can allow us to identify potential infractions of restrictions on movement or meetings.

The screenshot below shows a particular area with number of phones detected.

Phones Detected

Once we zoom-in as shown below, we ca identify gatherings of 10 or more phones in orange.

Identify Gatherings

For example, in the map below we see overcrowding in an area of a church


If we click on a cluster the system can show us a spiral view of all items in the cluster.


For each individual item (either in a cluster or on his own), we can go to the entity card. The entity card will represent one user.

Individual Entity

In the entity card view we can see one or more entities.

Entity Card

Users may then look at one or more entities and review their individual movements over time on the map, as shown below.

Movement on Maps


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