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GoldenSpear Laser Painter

GoldenSpear Laser Painter provides AI-powered target identification based on sample targets and using all-source intelligence.

Laser Painter

With rapidly growing amounts of data available to intelligence agencies, a key challenge facing intelligence agencies is rapidly connecting the dots to identify threats as early as possible. Laser Painter leverages on the big data architecture of our Deep Fusion product to identify patterns by example.

With Laser Painter, users can upload or select a set of known targets, for example known members of a certain group. The system automatically creates a set of machine learning models to identify the characteristics of the sample targets, and immediately “paints” new targets for investigation.

Maximise the Investigative Returns on Your Data

Build and run predictive analytics models seamlessly by analysts and investigators without involving a team of Data Scientists.

Ensure Information Security and Access Control

Data need not be exposed to Data Scientists to build models. Users who upload and select sample targets need not access all information available about these targets.

Key Features

All Sources
All Source

Use all available data, structured or unstructured, including streaming data to identify relevant targets.


Using Deep Learning to power automatically generated models. Using Natural Language Processing, Video Analytics, and Voice Analytics to understand unstructured data.

Empower your People
Empower Your People

Rather than creating AI solutions that remove human involvement, Laser Painter uses human provided samples, and allows continuous learning from human feedback regarding the targets painted.

Continuous Learning
Continuous Learning

The system automatically responds to new samples provided and to changes in threat landscape.

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