Fake Currency Dealers on the Darknet Markets

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One of our Law Enforcement Client, who investigates illegal activities, had the suspicion that counterfeit money was traded on the darknet markets. Our customer wanted to find individuals who were selling such currencies.

We analyzed activities on Dream Market and our initial investigations revealed that millions of dollars in counterfeit money was circulating on this market. In addition, with the rise of digital printing, it is getting easier to produce counterfeit bills that will fool the average cashier or business owner – not to mention most consumers.

The system was used to search traders with contact details and the system recommended a trader with 43 transactions as shown below:

Potential Targets and Transactions – (43 Targets)

Potential Targets

Zoom In - Possible target - Global Documents

Possible Target

Agent Used to Deep Dive for Info and Interact with Global Documents.

Deep Dive

Success! The Target Trades.

Target Trades

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